We all expect the washing machine to perform efficiently all the time. But, it’s difficult to guarantee that the washer will operate efficiently all the time. We can’t overlook the fact that the best designed and even the most reputed modern washing machines can break down any time.

But the cause for that isn’t a faulty design or poor construction of the machine. Like any other machine, your laundry machine too needs adequate and proper maintenance for its efficient working. By following the tips here, you can surely improve upon the efficiency of a washing machine.

1. The water hose should be adjusted very appropriately, keeping it neither too tight nor too loose. If it’s too loose, water will keep leaking out, offer inadequate supplies to the washing drum. And if it’s too tight it will cause premature deterioration of the seal of the rubber hose.

See that there are no kinks on the hose. Make sure that water flows without any obstruction to its flow. It’s important to keep the hose filter clean, because debris that tend to collect in the filter could reduce the pressure of water.

2. Washer should be cleaned frequently. All the residual dirt in the washer drum needs to be removed. At least once a week you should run a cycle with only water to which a cup of white vinegar is added. Such a treatment helps keeping mold at bay. Moreover it helps dissolving hard minerals and molds, thus keeping the drain clear.

3. Be smart in planning the days of your laundry. Small laundry loads are best avoided as they cause faster wear and tear of the bearings and the belt of the motor. It’s best to use your machine when you have a full laundry load. Such a practice not only helps reducing wear and tear of the machine but also helps saving power and water.

4. Get rid of residual detergent from the detergent compartment. The hardened detergent residues that get stuck in the holes of the detergent compartment are responsible for many washer errors, because the desired volume of water can’t flow to the compartment and reach the drum, causing erratic washing.

5. Think of some ways of handling the problem of hard water, which is not healthy for the washer as it causes deterioration of its metallic components. It helps to use water filters or water softeners in getting rid of salts causing water to become hard. Hard water also leads to the problem of leaky washer.

Front Load Washing Machine Fight – LG Vs Whirlpool

Most washing machines with front-loading design are quite efficient and make the best choice. Though most have almost similar features, it’s their consumption of water and power that makes all the difference. Here’s a comparative study of two of the most popular brands of washing machines:

LG and the Whirlpool washing machine, by far, are the two best and most popular washing machines in the market today. Both the brands come loaded with features specifically suited for laundry equipment. As can be expected, the modern versions of washing machines equipped with latest technology are very efficient and thus preferred by consumers. checkput our top 10 front loading washing machines here.

So which one should you prefer?

LG Front Loader

Pros: The best thing about LG is that its designers know how to include up to date features in their machine. The design features include determining the water level and the duration of the cycle, facilitating correct execution of the job. Such features help minimizing wastage of resources.

It’s interesting to learn that the machine is automatically able to adjust the level of water as per the load size. Then, it also has a feature that determines the soil level of the laundry and helps using just the required amount of water. The built in arrangement for removal of suds also helps to clean the clothes without the need of running an additional rising cycle.

Cons: Though a highly efficient machine, there are some limitations to its use. The users report that it’s not practical to combine powder detergent with liquid bleach or vice versa, that is liquid detergent and powder bleach. But, that should only require some alteration of laundry settings.

Whirlpool Front Loader

Pros: Quite like LG, this too has commendable features and comes with energy stars. Its outstanding feature is eco friendly heavy-duty cycle, consuming about 26% less power than other similar machines offering heavy duty cycle, making it ideal for large families using heavy duty cycle very frequently. Further, it doesn’t require you to use hot water
cycle because of its ‘whitest white’ feature that goes to remove stains is only one wash.

Cons: A lot many users find LG to be more reliable. The motor of whirlpool is prone to developing problems. If you intend buying this washer, make sure to opt for extended warranty period.

End of the day, both the machines are equally good. It’s matter of personal preferences and requirements, including size, features and of course, the budget.

Best Selling Washing Machines

You get many makes and models of washing machines in the market these days. So, it requires some effort on your part by way of market research to get the one that best suits your budget and requirements. However, there are a few washing machines that stand apart because of their performance, efficiency, durability, convenience of use ,and of course, the price.

1.Miele W4840 Front Load Washing Machine

Let’s first take the Miele W4840 Front Load Washing Machine, which has earned a good reputation for itself. The company has been producing washing machines since long and continues to offer high quality efficient machines for domestic applications. This particular model of washing machine is largely distinguished by its high performance. It effectively removes dirt from the garments mainly due its high spin speed of 1400 RPM, yet it doesn’t spoil the fabric.

It removes the moisture to a great extent, leaving the fabric almost dry at the end of the load cycle. Its other notable features include adjustment of temperature to different levels and eighteen settings for washing. For all these excellent features you be ready to pay a better price than most other machines and that earns it the reputation of being the “Rolls Royce” amongst the washing machines.

2.Speed Queen’s AWS51NW Top Load Washer

The next on our list is the Speed Queen’s AWS51NW Top Load Washer. This is easily the most affordable option for top loading machine, and will best suit the requirements of those on a budget. Because it operates at lower pressures, it is most suitable for washing delicate garments. It also incorporates a Hush Pak function that allows the washer to perform without causing any noise that often accompanies with the whirring and guzzling of top loading machines.


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