Sharp Microwave

If you are shopping for a microwave oven these days, you will probably find yourself faced with a dizzying array of brands, makes and models of all sizes, functions, and versatility. While cooking, heating and defrosting has become infinitely simpler and faster, the choices you are faced with to obtain this kind of speed and convenience can be mind-boggling indeed.

Different types of microwave ovens cover almost every conceivable culinary function, from heating to broiling, from baking to browning, and the versatility of the unit you eventually choose will depend on your needs. Size and design is an issue, as well. The microwave oven you choose should be able to fit into the general scheme of your kitchen, as well as be able to hold the dishes you cook. You will also need to think about the kind of strength you require in a microwave oven, whether you merely need it for simple reheating purposes and popcorn making, or if you require your unit to be able to broil steaks and bake bread.

If you are in need of a microwave oven that will work well to feed you and your family with both speed and convenience, you could do no better than the Sharp R-420LK Family Size Countertop Microwave. With a 1.4 cubic foot interior, you can cook enough food for a family of six. Its 1100 wattage power will enable you to do this very quickly, as well.

With Sharp’s distinctive Sensor Reheat, you can whip up a hot feast out of simple canned goods, or even yesterday’s leftovers. It comes with a roomy turntable, and electronic touch control programming to give you an efficient, effective, and convenient kitchen appliance you are sure to treasure.

If you are looking for a quality microwave oven, you are sure to love the Sharp R-1210 Microwave model. It is a unique and distinctive over-the-counter microwave oven that comes with Sharp’s Smart and Easy sensor technology that is perfect for both cooking and reheating 11 of the most common microwavable foods.

This model is a perfect innovation in kitchen appliance design, as it is small enough to be fitted over-the-counter, saving you valuable kitchen space, particularly if you happen to live in a small apartment. It is compatible with most standard cabinets and is versatile enough without needing a special kit or shelf. Easy to install, this model comes with task lighting for under-the-cabinet use.

It comes complete with a 14 1/8-inch over-the-counter turntable with an auto touch door, a reheat and cook centre, and it is programmable with 8 action keys for instant cooking or reheating. The Sharp R-1210 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot 1100-Watt Over-the-Counter Microwave, Black model also features touch-key controls, auto defrosting, a keep warm control, a moisture sensor, and a convenient timer.

With a pre-coated steel and plastic exterior, this unit comes with complete accessories for easy mounting and hook-up control, an innovation uniquely associated with Sharp. If you are on the look-out for a sleek, intuitive and uncluttered microwave oven, the Sharp R-1210 Microwave model is the way to go.


Electrolux dishwashers

Living green and clean is the new hype. Most dishwashers comes with features that are efficient and energy saving. Here are some tips on how to save water, energy and time with your dishwasher.

Choose a dishwasher that is energy star rated. Some dishwasher has a delay option features which can be set during the time when no one is using a lot of water. The Electrolux dishwasher has a three delay wash options and it runs quietly.

Choose dishwasher that has enough space even when it is loaded. This will make use most of the water, detergent and energy. Like the Electrolux dishwasher you can hit the heavy wash option to wash fully loaded dishes. It has removable and adjustable racks and completely hidden controls.

Use dishwasher detergents and not just any detergents. Other detergents produce suds that overflow the dishwasher. Some detergent can harm your dishes. Place the soil side of the dish towards the water spray arms to have your dishes clean more rapidly.

Don’t place your dishwasher beside the refrigerator. The sleek design of Electrolux dishwasher fits comfortably in the kitchen whether it is built-in or portable. Position dishes in the racks and be certain not to put plastic dishes at the bottom rack. The heat may melt the plastic dishes.

Make sure that the dishwasher has a high temperature cycle to fully sanitize the dishes.

The dishwasher is now as important as refrigerators, cooking and laundry machines. The modern dishwashers are innovative to provide sanitation and energy saving features.

Maytag Dishwashers

An appliance company that is known for advertising and selling reliable products is Maytag. Maytag presents ten various models of dishwasher: a portable design and nine under-counter dishwashers. The under-counter dishwashers of Maytag had a width of 24inches. The prices of these dishwashers range from more than $400 to almost $1,500.

The reason why you must pick the maytag dishwasher over other brands of dishwasher is that its company has a good reputation and they sell only reliable products. Maytag also offers a one-year warranty over all their appliances. They will replace any parts for free of the product that malfunction under normal use.

They will also pay for the part that doesn’t work efficiently under normal use two years after the appliance was purchased. Apart from this, some model of maytag has unique features that customers would like to have in their dishwasher. They have models that have a steam-cleaning option for glassware, oversize capacity tub, precision clean sensor and other model offers a quietseries 300 sound package.

Regarding the history of maytag dishwasher, they have already recalled about 2.3 million products because there are parts that can malfunction and may result to a fire. The fire may be started when the liquid rinse-aid leaked and be in contact internal wiring that would lead to short circuit and then ignition.

All maytag dishwashers are all ENERGY STAR qualified except for the two models that are least expensive dishwashers. Customer reviews shows that generally maytag dishwashers are quiet during the cycle and has a great performance in cleaning the dishes. There are some raised complaints but only on the installation of the appliance.

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