New to the Stamina® line of affordable magnetic resistance bike is the biggest innovation in the home exercise equipment since the first recumbent bikes were introduced to the market. The Stamina Magnetic Fusion 4545 Exercise Bike brings a completely new category as it combines the feel you get from a more traditional upright bike with the ergonomic comfort of a recumbent bike.  The result is a bike that gives you a more effective, longer workout that ends up giving you an even more ergonomically correct workouts.

The quiet magnetic resistance features that are the core of this level of cost effective exercise bikes makes this equipment perfect for home use, since it can be used in any room without bothering the other people that are close by. It even makes watching television while you are exercising more enjoyable as the silent magnetic resistance technology will let you hear it without raising the volume too much. Lets find out top 10 exercise bikes in India here.

Included with he Stamina Magnetic Fusion 4545 Exercise Bike are advanced electronics, featuring their InTouch® electronic monitor that is easy to use one button control that will track the time, distance, speed, calories burned and scans. Add to that fingertip tension control and pulse sensors and you have an exercise bike that can make you look forward to your workout with electronic that do not confuse you by never quite knowing which button to push or how it all works. You can also find some of the best exercise bikes here.

One of the more popular features in the recumbent bike industry over the past few years is what is referred to as walk-through design. This eliminates having to lift your leg over a central bar and just makes it a lot easier to get on and off. It seems like a simple thing, but it does make a difference for many people. To have this feature in this low-cost model is a real bonus.

Another comfort features that honestly can make or break your motivation to keep your workout program is the seat. With the Stamina Magnetic Fusion 4545 Exercise Bike you will find a large, over-sized, cushioned seat. This seat slides at a 45 degree angle so you can get your legs, feet and hips aligned in such a way to give you the most powerful downstroke and upstroke possible taking the best advantage of the ergonomic benefits.

To complement the seat benefits there are also over-sized, weighted pedals that will support your foot and keep them from accidentally slipping off, which is often one of the more annoying side effects of exercising with an indoor cycle.

This sturdy construction of this magnetic resistance bike that you come to expect from Stamina holds true even with this low-price level. The Stamina Magnetic Fusion 4545 Exercise Bike can hold weights up to 300 pounds, making this a machine that should be able to meet the needs of most families.

With the Free Shipping Offer, BiGFiTnessis an online commerce store where the Stamina Magnetic Fusion Exercise Bike will be shipped within 2-3 days from ordering. BiGFiTness ships over 2000 orders a month, and is one of the most reliable exercise equipment vendors out there today. An optional benefit is to upgrade your shipping and pay for in-home delivery and assembly. Since the shipping itself is free, that leaves the dollars you would have spent on shipping available for this convenient service.

BiGFiTness has been in business since the early 90’s and has a solid reputation in the industry with a retail store, catalog and then the online store. The BiGFiTNESSwebsite is easy to read, with the relevant information right there on the top fold of the page, making it easy to find. One popular and beneficial feature is Instant GE Financing that can be easily accessed right from the website.

With their 110% lowest price guarantee, you can be assured that the price you see is the lowest price online. Since the Stamina Magnetic Fusion technology being new to the market, there is not a lot of competition yet, so do not be surprised if you do not see a slashed price. On most holidays you can expect to see a pop up ad for a sitewide 5% discount.

Anyone who is interested in a magnetic resistance bike, and whose budget is tight, will be able to benefit from taking a close look at the new Stamina Magnetic Fusion 4545 Exercise Bike at to meet their home fitness needs. The bottom line is to improve your body and heart health that will improve the quality of your life for many long year to come.

Schwinn 220 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

About The Product:

The Schwinn 220 Recumbent Exercise Bike is manufactured by the Cannondale Sports Group, a well-known icon in the bicycle industry. It comes as a surprise how comfortable this exercise bike can get with its recumbent engineering design and ergonomic pedals. The unit comes with a perimeter-weighted flywheel which gives you a workout experience that feels quite close to pedaling an actual road bike.

Operating the exercise machine is astonishingly quiet and gives the user a smooth ride. The console is can be maneuvered to suit your position and the seat can be adjusted to your comfort and liking. The bikes step-through frame gives added maximum convenience compared to other mount-over models. Over sized stabilizers and levelers prevent the unit from wobbling or shaking as you pedal, especially at higher resistance levels or during tougher workouts.

The Schwinn 220 model comes with a built in heart rate monitoring system on the handlebar grips so you can keep track of your exercise progress. It includes 12 various workout programs and 16 resistance levels to cater to a wide range of fitness level needs. You can get the same aerobic benefits as an outdoor leisure bike ride to a more highly effective fitness workout all in the comfort of your own home.

Our Verdict:

The Schwinn 220 Recumbent Bike is a good choice for an entry level price point. It offers unmatched quality for its price and gives even the first-time users a variety of easy-to-do, start-up exercise routines and allows them to graduate to more challenging workouts over time. The greatest feature of the Schwinn 220 is the relaxed position it offers during exercise workouts. Even a couch potato wont find a valid excuse not to work out with this revolutionary exercise machine.

One can read, listen to music or watch TV while doing an exercise routine as the bike seat can be adjusted to your utmost comfort and ease while exercising. The seats are well padded and can adjust in the front and rear portions to accommodate a range of positions for different user types and sizes. Its an ideal exercise option, too, for those with knee or leg problems or for those who need to recover from injuries as it entails very low impact and stress to the joints.

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